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Automation makes Reliability

In SOMDAS, all stages of the manufacturing are equipped with high performance, largely automated facilities which are entirely designed and developed by SOMDAS staff and patented.

SOMDAS believes automated production can maximize the reliability and minimize the waste and the risk of defected products.



Reliable quality begins with the best raw material

Copper Shell

All the shell of SOMDAS’s copper filter driers, strainers & accumulators are made of high quality copper tube Cu-DHP C12200, which is corrosion - resistant and easy for welding.



SOMDAS offers the 200 mesh screens for its filter driers and strainers, which can provide excellent performance of filtering foreign dirt.


Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve is the most critical component for the filter driers. SOMDAS use XH-9 as the standard molecular sieve applies for all its driers.